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Aircon Off - AC 14 - Advanced

  • $349.00 Quantity:

Wall Mounted A/C Sensor Conroller - Wireless Accessories

Aircon Off AC-14 is our most advanced mains powered model. The AC-14 is compatible with all A/C's that operate by infra red remote control. This model works in conjunction with dual purpose wireless door or window sensors to allow even more control over your A/C units. It turns off the A/C if a monitored door or window is left open for more than 3 minutes.
  • Automatically turns off the air conditioning in empty rooms
  • Reduces energy costs by up to 80%
  • Universally compatible with all remote controlled A/C units
  • Pairing is a simple process during Setup
  • Mains powered (110-240v)
  • Multi-option set up to suit any location
  • Key coded for secure access
  • Tamper proof infrared connectivityaircon
  • Includes 1 x door / window sensor
  • RF Communication with additional optional accessories
  • Full Day/Night options including daytime sleeping
  • AC-14 is universally compatible with any air conditioner that can be operated by an Infra Red remote control. 

The AC-14 is mains powered like the AC-12 and can be fitted directly adjacent to your air conditioning head unit ensuring that the simple connecting cables are tamper-proof.
The Aircon Off AC-14 contains 2.4G RF communication with a number of wireless optional accessories such as Door/Window (D/W) Sensors and Auxiliary PIR Sensors.
D/W sensors are dual purpose 2.4Ghz reed type switches that communicates the status of the D/W to the AC-14 unit to which they are paired.
Pairing is a simple process during setup.
Where the D/W Sensors have been fitted, should a door or window be left open for more than 3 minutes Aircon Off will switch off the A/C. (The AC-14 is supplied with one D/W sensor, more may be required dependant on room type and design).
Aircon Off AC-14 also scans a room for occupancy using Passive Infra Red (PIR) technology. The AC-14 will sense when the air conditioner is running and then scan the room for occupancy using Passive Infra Red (PIR) technology. As the sensor will only detect body heat it will not be affected by items such as ceiling fans, or curtains. When no occupancy has been detected after a pre-set time delay, a signal will be transmitted to the A/C to switch it off. Aircon Off copies and uses the “Off” signal from the A/C remote to communicate with the A/C, thus ensuring that the A/C always shuts down correctly.

Thanks TintFX for a great service. I'm very happy with your service and now my personal training studio is looking even better. The film that Aaron recommended is perfect.

–L. Leal - GottaBeFit

Working with Aaron and the guys from Tint FX has been a pleasure. There are never any problems especially in regard to communication and fulfilling their promises. Their knowledge of the tint industry is a big plus, if you have the question they have the answer. We have no hesitation in recommending Tint FX for any Commercial or Residential tinting projects whether it be safety, security or solar control films, no matter how big or small. Thanks Guys and we look forward to working together again.

–S. Baker - Tropi-Cool Window Tinting

We are really happy with our window tinting – it definitely made a noticeable difference to the inside temperature of those north facing rooms over the summer. I also love the look of the garden through the yellow-tone, it makes all the different greens of the foliage so vibrant.

–J. Fletcher - Ecolux LOW E 70

…your price was very reasonable and I would have gone ahead if the room had been converted from a reception area as we thought at the time.  I’m going to keep your email on file so that when the time comes, I can simply contact you to get the job done as I was very pleased with your professional and prompt response.

–G. Ponych - Performa Group

Thank you TintFX for a great job on our glass door and large bedroom window. Your installation was efficient and very thorough and we definitely have a greater peace of mind knowing that the quality safety film is there, with 2 little ones bouncing around! Definitely recommended.

–A. Long - Wollstonecraft

I have worked with the TintFX team on projects in the past and never doubt their knowledge, passion and general professionalism towards their work. 
Aaron informed me of a new product Ecolux 70 Low E window film about to be launched which suited our needs perfectly. 
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–Ben & Kim

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–A. Woodhams

TintFX installed security film to my shop front, in an efficient and professional manner, minimising my downtime. The visibility to my jewellery has not been diminished and their security has increased substantially.

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– P. Crowley, General Manager, The Beach Club Collaroy

I am writing to tell you how pleased Aileen and I are with your recent installation… The reduction in glare from the afternoon sun is impressive and a real comfort without the necessity of drawing the curtains. We are also very impressed by the reduced energy factor and subsequent lowering of our energy costs.

– C. Jarrett, Noosa

Patrons say the food court is far more comfortable now. Plus, we already have a 10% reduction in our energy bill for the winter quarter and that saving will increase as we head into summer.

– Tim O’Sullivan, Operations Manager, Centro

I am thrilled to bits with your work and won’t hesitate to refer you.

– A. Pfeiffer, Manly

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– D. King, Clareville