"It may seem like a stretch, but thanks to TintFX our whole family is happier. This is why. Our baby's bedroom faces north, and used to trap heat throughout the day. On hotter days the room was like a sauna by mid-arvo, even with curtains drawn and a fan on. A TintFX expert recommended solar and glare control film and within hours had covered all the windows down the west side of our home. From the very next day our baby slept better, which meant that mum and dad got better sleeps too, so everyone was happy! How can you put a price on that? We are so pleased we had film applied, out only regret is we didn't get it done years ago. Apart from the comfort and the energy factor (as we don't have to use fans and air conditioners as much), I love the fact that I don't have to block out our stunning view anymore with curtains and blinds - I can leave the windows unobstructed without having to worry about heat and glare. I would recommend TintFX in a heartbeat, windows are so important (and expensive) so you want this job handled by a professional. Really appreciated getting the WERS For Film energy certificate as well, to validate the energy savings made by the application of the WERS-rated film."

A. Cronan