Featured Project

DARLING POINT, NSW Film(s) used: Solar Gard Sterling 20 Problem: The enjoyment of this striking roof feature in a Darling Point home was being diminished by the increase in heat and direct glare being transmitted through the glass panels. Our client wanted to reduce these, with the least possible impact on the amount of light brought into their home. Solution: Our advice was to apply Solar Gard Sterling Series, a spectrally selective glass film that provides extraordinary solar energy rejection performance while maintaining high visible light transmission. Solar Gard Sterling 20, the darkest of the Sterling Series was chosen. Sterling 20 offers high heat and glare reduction properties whilst maintaining and softening the natural light. As always, our specialist TintFX team used a custom approach for the site, erecting scaffolding to overcome the difficult access and custom film cutting in-situ to ensure a perfect fit of the film into the glass panels. You can see the visual difference between the tinted and un-tinted panels obvious when compared side by side, however doesn't impact on the view. the client was thrilled with the result, and wished they had done it earlier!
Client Feedback: "Thanks to Aaron and the team at TintFX for a great job on our glass roof. At first we were a little skeptical as to how much the heat would be reduced in the apartment. We opted for the Solar Guard Sterling 20 and it has made a considerable amount of difference to the living area. The heat has been drastically reduced and has made the space liveable. We look forward to using the space when summer rolls back around. We highly recommend Aaron and TintFX for their professional and prompt service."