Aircon Off™ is designed to control the operation and abuse of remote control operated air conditioners by automatically turning off air conditioning in empty rooms.

Aircon Off™ is ideal for any situation where air conditioning is left running whilst no one is there, unnecessarily increasing your running costs, maintenance costs and wear and tear.

With power prices rising rapidly, reducing energy consumption is an economic necessity for all businesses. The best possible way to combat price increases is tocontrol use as cost effectively as possible.

Global warming, spiralling energy costs or just the unnecessary strain on equipment are all valid reasons for ensuring that the air conditioning facilities you provide for your clients, staff or employees are optimised and controlled.

Using Aircon Off™ results in significant operating cost savings with a fast return on investment. It will ensure that the air conditioning that you provide returns the best value for money to your home or business.

The NSW Government states the following:
Increasing the temperature set point by just 1°C will reduce the amount of power your air conditioner uses by up to 10 per cent, saving 200 kg of carbon pollution. The set point defines the temperature level required to make an air- conditioned space comfortable. When the temperature rises above or drops below the set point, the system's control measures start working to return to that level. The lower the set point in summer, the harder the system has to work.  In winter, the reverse is true -the higher the set point, the harder the system works. 

Aircon Off™ is a conscience for air conditioning and removes the element of human error.
Aircon Off™  always remembers when people forget.

How Aircon Off™ works...

Aircon Off ™
is a passive unit specifically designed to reduce energy wastage by automatically turning off air conditioning in rooms left empty.

If the room left empty for a pre-set time, Aircon Off™ will automatically switch the A/C off by sending an IR signal that emulates the ‘Off’ signal of the A/C remote. Thus ensuring that the A/C shuts down correctly each and every time. Aircon Off™ also has other unique functions to customise the operating settings to precisely suit each application, including Day/Night settings to prevent accidental switch offs when occupants are asleep. 

Technical Overview

Aircon Off™ uses passive infra red technology and smart software to scan the air conditioned room for occupancy. When no movement has been detected for a pre-set time (either 15, 30 or 45 minutes), a signal will be transmitted to the air conditioner to switch it off. After the signal has been transmitted, Aircon Off™will then go into standby mode.