Commercial Window Tinting

The primary concern for any business is to reduce your expenses and protect your bottom line. TintFX’s Commercial Window Tinting can do just that with benefits that include:

Energy Saving

With overheads making up to 71.79% of businesses costs and energy prices set to rise further in the coming years, it is understandable that businesses are doing everything they can to cut expenditure.* The solar films supplied and installed by TintFX are designed to reduce the your workplace’s passive heat gain from windows. With levels of solar heat rejection reaching as high as 80% our window films can provide up to a 30% reduction is cooling costs. The economic benefits of our range of solar films doesn’t stop there:

Reduction in Glare caused by external sources

Solar film limits the impact of glare caused by outside sources allowing employees to keep blinds open and use the natural light provided by the windows throughout the day.

Reduces your companies carbon footprint

As customers become more ecologically aware they start to look for companies that act responsible towards the environment. Solar film provided by TintFX not only actively reduces your company's carbon footprint, but is also carbon neutral in itself. This shows potential customers your dedication to the environment and sustainability; potentially resulting is an increase in sales.

Limiting UV related fading

UV accounts for the majority of surface, carpet and furnishing related fading. TintFX’s range of solar films blocks 99% of UV light greatly increasing the lifespan of your furnishings and merchandise, saving you money in premature replacements.


With the potential for a workplace to be responsible for 24% of job satisfaction and comfort playing a large roll in employee effectiveness it is important to create a pleasant environment for employee’s to work. Solar film negates the negative effects of excessive natural light, such as:

  • Uncomfortably large fluctuations in temperatures dependent on weather conditions
  • Development of hotspots around windows resulting in unusable office space
  • Fluctuations in humidity due to temperature changes
  • Vision impairing glare


Accidents happen and broken glass can cause severe injury or death both at the time of the incident and after the fact. Our security film is designed to hold glass together in the event it breaks, preventing shards and sharp slivers of glass scattering into the room where they can injure people.

Solar Gard commercial safety film ranges from standard 100 micron to 350 micron providing protection against almost any natural disaster or accident. Our films can help protect your employees in the event of:

  • Severe Storms
  • Seismic activity
  • Flooding
  • Explosions
  • Terrorism

It's common to think major storms or earthquakes won't happen, but when they do, security film can guarantee windows will not shatter and severely injure or kill your employees.


Looking for extra security for your windows, but don’t want ugly bars or the excessive costs of installing reinforced glass? Then security window film is what you are looking for. Depending on the thickness of the film you can receive different security benefits. For example 100 micron is thick enough to deter thieves looking for easy access to your premises, while 300 micron can hold windows together in the even of an explosion.

In the event of an accident it is possible for legal action to be taken against employers should their windows be unsafe. In Jones verses Bartlett 2010, an Australian landlord was sued for $843,136 after a tenant tripped and fell through a door window, sustaining substantial injures.

Don't wait until an accident occurs before securing your glass.

Security film can also come in a reflective or solar reduction range, allowing security, reduced energy costs and increased privacy. Our privacy films work by reflecting more light from the sun, than there is coming from inside the building, making it very difficult to see inside.

Frosting and Manifestation

Frosting and other decorative films are great to add some individual flair to your office or business centre, to add privacy to office blocks without the need for dingy walls, or just to add some aesthetic appeal, they can also be used for safety, making glass more obvious so people don’t walk into it. A few popular applications of decorative films are:

  • Cabinets to obscure their contents
  • Full length glass doors and windows so no-one walks into them
  • Bathroom windows for privacy
  • External and internal partitioning windows, to add visual appeal
  • Glass balcony balustrading to block people from seeing in

TintFX specialises in 3M window tinting films for our decorative range, although others are available on request.


Worried about vandalism and ghastly graffiti violating your business front? By using anti-graffiti film any damage is temporary. We achieve this by placing the clear, almost undetectable, anti graffiti film to the exposed face of the window. In the event of defacement the damaged film can easily be removed by our skilled installers and replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass itself.

Anti-graffiti film is not limited to glass; it can be placed on non-porous walls and other flat surfaces, such as mirrors or tables, protecting them against defacement or accidental damage.

TintFX has applied security films to houses and businesses across the country including national service providers.

For more information on each film type check their specific pages.

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