Home Window Tinting Sydney

Save money, keep safe and stay secure.

  • Our solar film can help save you money by reducing energy bills whilst also contributing to lowering Australia’s carbon emissions
  • Our safety film keeps you and your family safe by preventing windows shattering into lethal shards
  • Our security film helps prevent thieves breaking in by holding the glass in the window
  • Our decorative range is ideal for adding style and aesthetic appeal to your home, or simply making that floor to ceiling glass door a little more obvious to stop the kids running into it

Help Australia become carbon neutral; lower your footprint by reducing your energy consumption. It is easy to find home improvement products that call themselves green and claim to save you money. So how can you be sure a Solar Gard product will fulfil that promise?

All Solar Gard house window tinting films are independently tested and certified by numerous international organisations*. The below result is an example of one test by Solar Gard on energy efficiency (based on a 186 m² house):

Energy to cool home in kWh - 186 m² House Energy saved
Without Film With Film Reduction % Saved
2655 1400 1255 47

“I am writing to tell you how pleased Aileen and I are with your recent installation… The reduction in glare from the afternoon sun is impressive and a real comfort without the necessity of drawing the curtains. We are also very impressed by the reduced energy factor and subsequent lowering of our energy costs” ~ Colin Jarrett

Solar Window Film

Solar film will save you money and bring privacy.

How much you save depends on how hot it is and how cool you like it to be. Solartint reduces heat gain while simultaneously keeping your house well lit with natural light. Living in Sydney, you will experience temperature fluctuations and window tinting will help you make your air conditioning more cost effective. Solar window film allows you to take advantage of some, or all of the below benefits:

  • Keep your home cool by blocking solar energy from passing through your windows
  • Dramatically reduce air-conditioning costs
  • Block 99% of carcinogenic UV rays, which cause premature skin aging and fading of furniture
  • Regulate temperature, by allowing different quantities of light through different facing windows
  • Increase privacy, through reflectively coated films
  • Reduce glare
  • Cut down on carbon emissions, by reducing energy consumption
What you do in the privacy of your own home is your business and yours alone. Fit our reflective range to your windows to stop people leering at you as they walk past, or to stop thieves seeing your valuables. Our high quality films not only stop people from seeing in but also cut out bothersome glare improving the view and allowing you to use a television without the blinds shut.

For more details and examples of projects visit our Solar, Insulation and Privacy pages.

Safety and Security Window Film

Security window films are designed to prevent glass shattering, injury and theft.

Our security film is available in many different varieties and colours, from clear to solar-reflective. Thickness ranges from basic security (100 micron) to bomb-blast resistance (350 micron). The thicker the film the more force the window can take before falling through.

Security film stops shattered glass from harming people by holding it together; this stops you or your family from being badly injured by tripping through a window and also stops thieves from gaining entry. Over 40% of all house robbers gain entry through a window - secure your windows before the worst happens.

Security window film fills a variety of roles:

  • Prevents children hurting themselves by falling through panes
  • Prevents shards flying in the event the window shatters
  • Intruder resistant, the film holds the window together
  • Storm resistant
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Anti-graffiti

It's easy to think major storms or earthquakes won't happen, but when they do flying glass is the number 2 cause of injury and death, security window film can guarantee windows will not shatter and shower your family with glass.

TintFX has applied security films to houses and businesses across the country, including a national service provider.

Our safety and security films can also come in solar or reflective varieties.

For more details and examples of projects visit our Safety, Security and Anti-Graffiti pages.

Window Frosting and Manifestation

Enhance your home's appearance.

In your Sydney home, window frosting and other decorative films can be used to enhance the aesthetics around your home. A few popular applications of decorative films are:

  • Cabinets to obscure their contents
  • Full length glass doors and windows so children don’t run into them
  • Bathroom windows for privacy
  • External and internal partitioning windows, to add visual appeal
  • Glass balcony balustrading to block people viewing your belongings

TintFX mainly uses 3M window tinting films for our decorative range, although others are available on request.

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