Security Window Film

Security window film holds the glass together in the event it is broken, and provides an effective barrier to deter potential thieves. It’s simpler and cheaper to replace a pane of glass with film than lose your computer, television, jewellery and other valuables.

41% if all break-ins
are through locked windows
62% of people upgrade security
AFTER being robbed
Upgrade before it's too late!

We supply and install films ranging in thickness from 100 – 350 micron.

  • 100 micron is standard home quality and provides suitable security for home owners.
  • 350 micron is bomb-blast quality and is the film of choice for government and business buildings that may be at risk.

Our security films can also come with solar protection and reflectivity, they can secure your home to the same level as standard security film whilst reducing solar heat gain, cooling your house and ensuring your privacy. Reflective films have the benefit of reflecting more light than your home emits, meaning people cannot see through your windows from the outside, and you get a crisp glare-free view, unobscured by blinds or shutters.

Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Environment
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