Testimonials - Residential

J. Gooch - Automotive
"I am writing to say what fantastic service we received from your company. My 17 year old daughter was making her own enquirers in regard to tinting. You couldn't have been more courteous if you tried..

J. Fletcher - Residential
"We are really happy with our window tinting – it definitely made a noticeable difference to the inside temperature of those north facing rooms over the summer. I also love the look of the g..

A. Cronan - Residential
"It may seem like a stretch, but thanks to TintFX our whole family is happier. This is why. Our baby's bedroom faces north, and used to trap heat throughout the day. On hotter days the room was li..

A. Long - Residential
"Thank you TintFX for a great job on our glass door and large bedroom window. Your installation was efficient and very thorough and we definitely have a greater peace of mind knowing that the qual..

A. Woodhams - Residential
"We had TintFx tint our new home after we had previously had them apply tint at our old home. We had found the tinting so successful in reducing heat & glare from outside, providing privacy and se..

Ben & Kim - Residential
"Aaron from TintFX was professional from start to finish.From initial contact to final installation he provided great all round service. We are very happy with the TrueVue film it has reduced heat..

C. Coates - Residential
"Tintfx have provided tinting on quite a few of our windows. The rooms that are tinted are noticeably cooler, offer more privacy and less glare. Recently I also had Aaron and his team tint the win..

D. Hetherton - Residential
"After our initial consultation, TintFX recommended we install Solar Gard TrueVue 30 in our house which faces east and has uninterrupted exposure to the sun from morning to night. We have two youn..

K. Burton - Residential
"We needed 24/7 privacy from our neighbours on the west side, but still wanted light to enter the room. Aaron put 2 layers of film on the glass- silver 20x frosted film and we didn't have to chang..

K. Thurston - Residential
"I rang TintFX today and explained we had 2 western facing windows in small bedroom that was unbearable hot. Miguel explained they had just the write product. They came around the same day. What a..

L. Leca - Residential
"I employed Tintfx to apply window tinting to our house about a year ago. Aaron and his team were helpful to assist us with the selection of the film and the tinting was done professionally and ef..

S. Dickinson - Residential
I hadn't considered tinting for big west facing windows but have been very pleasantly surprised at the product. It has made a big difference to the glare factor as well as reducing heat. It actually e..

T. Coleman - Residential
"After renovating our bathroom we wanted a "modesty" film to our shower screen. From start to finish the boys at tint fx were very professional and easy to deal with. Would use them again with out..

W. Hodge - Residential
"We didn't even think about tinting as an option, but figured we were up for heavier blinds or curtains and maybe exterior window shades sometime down the track. This would have involved a lot of thin..

M. Quinn - Residential
Great job , the tinting makes such a difference, looks great , and the rooms are now very comfortable. M.Quinn, Manly Vale - TrueVue 30 and 40..

C. Broad - Residential
"For 2 years we’ve had the block out blinds closed and out air-conditioning running – after the tint has been in place we’ve now rediscovered the outlook from our house and leave the..

D. King - Residential
"I found the advice we received from Aaron was very useful and turned out to be what we needed. The service was professional and we are very pleased with the result." Dennis King, Clareville - T..

A. Pfeiffer - Residential
"I am thrilled to bits with your work and won't hesitate to refer you." A. Pfeiffer, Manly - Frosted Film..

A. Waite - Residential
"I would like to express how impressed I have been with your recent install of solar film to my property in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales. Even with professional data information on percenta..

C. Jarrett - Residential
"I am writing to tell you how pleased Aileen and I are with your recent installation… The reduction in glare from the afternoon sun is impressive and a real comfort without the necessity of dra..