Window Frosting Sydney

Window frosting can be used for many purposes, such as decoration, privacy and manifestation of glass. Our high quality graphics can raise the aesthetic appeal of any glass, as well as partially or totally obscure your employees and work area from others.

Interior and exterior graphics are both essential parts of brand recognition. The frequency and consistency of your business image can be captured in signage, logos and frosted window designs with decorative patterns and colours. To achieve this TintFX uses a variety of 3M decorative and frosted films, which deliver a unique look with the highest quality film.

Our range of films include:
Frosted: Simple light dispersion, often with patterns built into the film. Allows light to pass through keeping rooms lit, but ensuring your privacy.

Vinyl: Solid colour film that blocks most light. Works well in patches, as a partial or complete block of window viewing or to convert glass to a whiteboard.

Fasara: Available in a diverse range of patterns and textures offering the appearance of etched glass, at a fraction of the cost. Patterns include: Frosting, running lines, dotted patterns,

Coloured Tint: Simple coloured tint designed to add greens, blues and other colours to a piece of glass easily.

All 3M films also block 99% of UV rays as standard, protecting you and your furnishings from their dangerous effects.

Decoration - Make your glass stand out

Decorative film gives eye-catching qualities to previously dull glass by applying colour, frosting or patterns. Decoration can range from a simple coloured translucent film or solid frosting, all the way to advanced patterns and mixed films.

Safety Decals / Manifestation - Make your glass visible

Manifestation is the coating of glass with a film to make it more obvious. Partitioning walls made of glass and internal doors are both popular choices.

Manifestation can come in:

  • Coloured tint
  • Safety Bands
  • Emphasis Dots
  • Custom patterns
  • Gradient frosting

Privacy - Make your glass personal

Frosting allows light to pass through but obscures the image, preventing people from seeing clearly through the glass while still maintaining a brightly lit room.

Vinyl films block most of the light and are ideal when applied to glass surfaces that aren’t relied on for viewing. Vinyl is popular with balconies, showers and even as whiteboards.

Graphics - Make your glass unique

TintFX can supply custom computer cut films of your company logo or a unique personal design onto your windows.

Designs can range from simple circles cut out of frosting, to more advanced lettering and complex shapes.

We propose digital mock-ups that help you visualize the final look of a new project. You can choose from an extensive palette of coloured film including opaque, translucent and textured to accommodate the most demanding designs and creative applications. Working closely with you, we can ensure the corporate image can be enhanced with our range of frosted film.

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