Low E Insulation Window Film

With Sustainability and Energy Efficiency being at the forefront of residential and commercial property worldwide, window film is arguably one of the most cost effective methods in reducing a buildings energy usage. In a buildings envelope, glazing is responsible for 87% of Heat Gain and 49% of Heat Loss.

The problems the owners of this designer home were facing due to the large Northern Glass fa├žade were extreme temperatures both hot and cold, UV damage to beautiful hardwood floor boards and furniture and increased energy costs.

The owners challenged TintFX to provide a Film Solution which wasn't too dark to address the above issues.

Window Insulation Film provides an effective way to decrease heating and cooling costs. Low E (Low Emissivity), Dual Climate, Summer Winter Films, however you refer to this range of films call TintFX today for the right advice on window film to suit your requirements.

TintFX uses Solar Gard's Low-E window insulation film, the exceptional benefits of which include:

  • Reflects heat back into your home, reducing your winter heating costs
  • Reflects solar energy, reducing your summer cooling costs
  • Creates a more temperate environment within your home and increases your comfort all year round
  • Substantial savings over more traditional methods, such as double-glazing
  • Blocking of up to 99% of ultraviolet rays, protecting both you and your furnishings from UV damage
  • Substantial glare reduction on Monitors, T.Vs and other reflective surfaces, making areas such as offices more pleasant
  • Scientifically proven to be carbon negative – the Solar Gard's Low-E range reduces your carbon footprint and help the environment

Solar Gard currently offers Three Low-E window insulation films

  • Low E-50 provides extensive benefits while also allowing natural light in throughout the day, reducing the need for interior lighting, granting superior interior and exterior views
  • Low E-25 provides a darker option for those wanting maximum solar and heat rejection
  • Ecolux 70 Low E is the most advanced LOW E film on the market. Released in Australia 2014, Ecolux 70 Low E is almost invisible and can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. This film has a Visual Light Transmission of 68%, Heat rejection of 52%, Heat retention of 48% and a U-Value of 3.4 which is unheard of !

Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Environment 
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