Window Tint Film Suppliers

TintFX focuses on creating a more sustainable living and working environment.

For over 20 years TintFX, as a leading window tint film supplier, has been installing Solar Gard and 3M window film, which both require speciality licences. We manage large or small projects, from conception, through to creation and installation.
Our film install options include:

  • Solar absorptive
  • Solar reflective
  • Anti-shatter safety and security
  • Bomb-blast resistant
  • Decorative
  • Anti-graffiti
  • Privacy
  • Manifestation

Our focus is on improving the appearance of your business with professional design and quality workmanship. Creating a more sustainable living and working environment, whilst simultaneously improving your safety and security. 

We are members of the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ) and the Facility Management Association (FMA). All films are certified in the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS).

TintFX can work with you to achieve the Australian Building Greenhouse Rating by applying solar tinting film on the glass surfaces on your building. 

Make your home or office green.

Whether for visual enhancement, maximising energy savings or simply securing your windows TintFX will find the balance that works for your environment. We achieve this through a wide variety of window films so that we can find the perfect solution to your unique needs. TintFX provides a full range of glass tinting film products and offers impressive solutions to suit your glass enhancements needs.

We use Solar Gard and Armorcoat patented film solutions for solar, safety, security and anti-graffiti. For decorative and privacy installations we use 3M frosted films but can supply other 3M films upon request. By using the latest technologies and materials our talented staff of window film experts can manage projects of all sizes from conception through to creation.

We have installed major projects across Australia with multi site rollouts across all states. We have worked on projects for clients such as Westfield Design & Construction, Rawson Homes, Ausgrid, Parklea Correctional Centre and Channel 7 Sunrise Studio.

Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Environment 
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